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Watch your favorite tv show with tv with built in dvd player

TV with built in DVD player provides the most versatile and dynamic television. Watch your favorite TV shows with over air broadcast with the latest in digital tuning technology. With the built in slot loading DVD player, you can pop in any DVD and watch it right on your wide screen TV. Play DVDs and digital movies, music and photo files from USB drives and SD Cards. You can even use this TV as a computer monitor.

This TV is ideal for a home theater room, a bedroom, kid’s room, college room and any other place! It is wall mountable. The tv built in DVD player offers a fantastic price-to-feature ratio. The TV-DVD combination is an ideal choice for budget-conscious shoppers who don’t want to skimp on features.

The side-loading DVD player is easily controlled via the included remote control that combines both TV and DVD full functions. Handy extras such as remembering the last point where you paused a movie or DVD allows easy swapping between videos without needing to rewind or fast forward.

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