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Tips for Keeping your Brentwood Personal Blender Clean and Fresh

Perhaps you are a fan of juices, purees or smoothies, your Brentwood personal blender is a close companion. But, how often do you clean it? If your response is not “quite often,” you aren’t alone. Cleaning a blender involves much than regular scrubbing of a saucepan or the little tossing of an item in the dishwasher. An excellent cleanup is vital to keep the unit stable and durable. The process also avoids the growth of microorganisms including bacteria that tend to nourish on the food residue stuck on the crannies and nooks of the blender jar.

Besides the overall tips provided in this post, the owner’s manual of a blender usually has special instructions about the cleaning process. Most blender lids separate into two sections. Check your product’s manual to confirm if your mixer comes out in two pieces. Separating the two parts to allow proper cleaning removes any food residue stuck in the spaces of the lid.

Plastic and glass jar blenders can be scratched to be washed in the dishwasher. Manual washing usually is an easy and safer way of keeping your blender clean and attractive. Stinking meals often tend to linger in a blender. This is brought about if the mixer is used to store items hence should be avoided. The issue of a smelly blender can be solved by blending water and baking soda inside the blender in the ratio of one to one, then allowing the solution to stay in the unit for around ten minutes before washing by hand.

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